Hello, Kitty!

You know, Wednesdays are always my craziest day, but last week was the weirdest Wednesday ever. Picture this. It’s deadline day and I’m working from home. I’m sitting at the computer in my pajamas, writing as fast as I can. All of a sudden, there’s a knock at my door. My front door has a […]

Fixin’ to Dye

When I was in high school, I experimented with dye until my hair was fried. In addition to relaxing my hair, I got temporary streaks almost every two months, starting from when I was perhaps fifteen. In those crazy years, I tried almost every shade of semi-permanent color from honey blond to a failed attempt […]

More Drama At Glamour

After the original Glamour magazine incident, yours truly was contacted with a letter of apology, which I chose to hold off on. (They sent the same apology to lots of other righteously pissed off bloggers, and you can read it here at Ask This Black Woman). I responded politely to the editors, and they wrote […]

Afrobella of the Month* — Farai Chideya

NPR junkies are a dedicated lot. I’ve known some who lull their latchkey pets with A Prairie Home Companion on busy weekends. I’ve known others who are utterly obsessed with Ira Glass. NPR fanatics drive to work with Diane Rehm and come home with News and Notes, hosted by the razor-sharp Farai Chideya. If you’re […]

Hey, What’s For Lunch?

I admire those people who bring their individually wrapped, specially prepared lunches to work. I aspire to be one of them. My friend Allie is one of those super prepared people who comes to work with her spinach salad ingredients in individual containers and stuff. She keeps telling me to just put it together the […]

Throwback Jam of the Day

Confession time — continuing my trend of childhood crushes on dudes who appear way more effeminate now than I remembered them in my rose-colored teenage haze (hello, El De Barge and Al B Sure), I gotta tell you all about my all-consuming adoration of Terence Trent D’Arby. I thought he was so hot when he […]

Add This to Your Record Collection

My Afrobella of the Week needed more cookin’ in the kitchen. This is a woman I have a whole lot of respect for, so I want to come correct. And I want her post to kick off the week right, so I’m making the editorial decision to hold off on Afrobella of the Week this […]