Solange Knowles, Et Tu?

I JUST blogged about bald being the “new” old trend yesterday, and gave 5 tips on how to wear the look on AOL Black Voices a day ago…and here comes a new celebrity on the bald is beautiful scene. Enter Solange Knowles, fresh out of the wig crypt and rockin’ a super cropped, all natural […]

CNN Black in America 2 Liveblog

6:56 p.m. CST — Bellas and fellas, this is my first ever venture into the exciting world of liveblogging. I’m doing this because the folks behind CNN’s Black in America 2 reached out to me, and promised that they’d be looking out for our opinions. I know I’ve got some brilliant readers, so please – […]

Bald is Beautiful… and Nothing New

Bald is the new hot trend in hair, thanks to the likes of Cassie, Rihanna, and Amber Rose. If you want tips on how to work the look yourself — click here for my 5 steps on being bald and beautiful. But anyone with a sense of fashion history would know, there is absolutely nothing […]

We Need Some Real Hair in Here

LOL! This made me cackle out loud. No shade to my be-weaved amigas, I hope everyone finds a laugh in this. The original song, Too Many Man (We Need Some More Girls In Here was a hit for Boy Better Know,

A Little Afrobella Inspiration

Bellas, my love for Nina Simone is no secret — but every so often I’m reminded of her genius. That just happened with this video, and I had to share it with you. So many things about this 1968 performance clip are striking. Her powerful performance, yes. Her energy, yes. But especially – the […]

Seasonal Scents

Summer fragrances are such sweet respite from the realities of the season — when it’s hot, steamy, and sweaty out there, there’s something so refreshing about a light scent. While it’s still warm out you should check store shelves for these luscious perfumes — they’ll make you smell some kinda delicious regardless of what season […]

Remix Your Space!

OK, so we’re in Chicago, been living with my in-laws for almost two months now. But tah-dah – we’re finally in position to find our own place. This weekend we’re looking at a TON of apartments and I. Cannot. Wait. to find a place! No offense to my in-laws, they are ridiculously awesome, so kind […]