Get Your Body Scrub On

Sugar? Or salt? When it comes to body scrubs, there’s no debate. I generally prefer the former. If you have sensitive skin — or heaven forbid have a cut — a salt scrub can bring you to tears. Sugar makes you smell good, makes you practically edible to your significant other, and doesn’t sting at […]

Avon Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand Giveaway!

Everyone loves lip gloss, and lipstick’s been having quite the resurgence in this craptastic economy. But the real tip for making your lip look last? Layering. I’m so late to the lip pencil party, but now that I’m here I’m ALL about it. Lip crayons are great n’ all, but I’m finding that if I […]

Music Festival Fashionable

I’ll admit it. I’m a hippie at heart. Not a “mother nature let’s go camping” hippie… but a “damn right I’d love to go to another music festival” hippie. I love live music, and I LOVE the vibe you get at big fests. So far I’ve done Langerado, Rock the Bells, and the photo you […]

Afrobella Around The Web

I thought I told you that we don’t stop! Ya girl Afrobella has been grustlin’ grustlin’ grustlin’ (hat tip to Hajj Flemings) and this is a trend that won’t cease anytime soon. So I’m creating a new category, Afrobella Around the Web, where I’ll share my latest exploits in the world of freelancing, interviews, etcetera, […]

Tyra Declares National Real Hair Day

Tyra Banks is beautiful. Tyra Banks is ambitious. When Tyra Banks gets on a topic, she gets down into it and involves herself in a way that few other models-turned-talkshow hosts do. So when I read that Tyra was declaring September 8 National Real Hair Day just in time for the new season of The […]

Martha Washington = Rosario Dawson?

Little known fact about Afrobella – I grew up reading comic books. Avidly. It started with Archie (which for some insane reason was super popular in my primary school days), and when I was a bit older I graduated to REAL comics. And graphic novels. The kind of subject matter a twelve year old probably […]

Big Girl Pants

Whenever I go anywhere, or even think of going anywhere, they’re the first item of clothing I envision. They go with fancy frilly tops and heels, or teeshirts and sneakers. For many (including myself), they’re practically a daily uniform. Of course I’m talking about jeans. I’d be lost without them. I don’t love a jean […]