Afrobella ♥ Dorothy Perkins


I’ve expressed my admiration for UK plus size retailer Dorothy Perkins before — oh how I WISH that this store was stateside! Or at least that American plus size retailers would take a tip from DP and start offering cute on trend dresses and knitwear at reasonable prices. Like take this dress for example. If […]

A Little Bella-Cation

As I write this, I’m looking out the window at my very first Chicago snow. The flakes are swirling in the air and my kitty cat is quite perplexed by this new phenomenon. This ain’t Miami anymore, Max! It’s warm and cozy inside, and like every good Caribbean resident-of-a-foreign-land, I have a variety of houseplants […]

Dear Aretha…


It’s me again, Afrobella! I love you. Hopefully you know this by now. Your music has been the soundtrack to my life and your voice has lifted me in my darkest hours. Having said that, I’d love to remind you of the offer I made in my last open letter to you. We need to […]